It is not too long ago when I was torn by both career and relationships.  I felt stuck in life, frustrated, waiting for things to happen.  But I was very

fortunate to have Olina's life coach sessions.  She helped me realize what I really want for life, and how I should work towards it.  I learned to master

and amplify the happiness and minimize the negativity in my life.  She also helped me through the transition to become an entrepreneur.  I probably

would not be where I am now, without her coaching.  Once a familiar member of mine took a few of sessions with Olina, and it helped him very much.

Highly recommended to anyone who wants more for your life.  --Steve H, SVP, Tianya.

I found it really helped my work and life in last few weeks after Olina's workshop. I now feel like I can interact with friends and colleagues in a more

more natural way without over-thinking much, which is pretty cool. --Shu C, Project Manager, Facebook

I felt stuck in my relationships and work, without deriving pleasure from either. Working with Olina gave me the tools I needed to analyze the problem

areas of my life, make decisions, and move forward. Olina truly partnered with me to help me solve my problems. Thanks to her encouragement and insight,

I feel like I know myself better, and I am more confidant about the future. --Alex G, Dentist

I've been so very happy, and I keep thinking back to the coaching session Olina and I had together. I have changed, evolved, from that woman that teared up

when Olina firmly said "you deserve happiness". More often than not, I find myself in the peaceful, blissful stage. I did not open myself up to this before I met

Olina. I think that coaching session was one of the pivotal points when the accumulated changes within me started to take shape - and I want to thank you again

for that.  --Danny T, Associate, Chinese Development Bank

I've never thought I would spend money on life coaching, until I met with Olina Qian. I still clearly remembered the first conversation we had. I was struggling

for some important life decision at that time. Honestly speaking, I suspected what I could get at the beginning, while she is so sharp and smart, she helped me to

find out the answer from my heart in our first meeting. In the following sessions, she helped me to discover a " true me ", which I've never recognized before.

Thank you, Olina, hope I can become a excellent lady like you someday. --Amy C, Entrepreneur

I joined Olina's the wheel of life workshop on Oct 24th 2010. It was the first time for me to join such workshop which touched my life. I was so impressed to see 

the way of using wheel to interpret areas in my life. It gave me a chance to look at my life in a big picture and think about it. For me, it's easily to get lost in the busy

daily working and lose track of important areas in my life. I felt it very helpful to take the chance to slow down, have a deep breath and think about my life. Another

thing made me feel great was that most of the people would like to share their feeling and story with Olina's guide. It builds a great communication environment in the

workshop. I would like to recommend Olina's workshop to everybody who loves their life and want to make it better and more successful.  --Michael X, Engineer, Google

As a graduate student at Stanford and also an entrepreneur, I encounter all kinds of challenges almost everyday. Sometimes I just feel that I've lost in the massive pressure and

getting-things-down mood. Olina's coaching gives me catalyst that pushes me to re-think what is truly important to me, and what I should do about that. I feel that her coaching

is the art of helping me to find balances. The balance between professional development and personal development, the balance between work and life, etc. More than that, on

each part of my life, Olina's coaching helps me think through what I want to do and what is my plan. Sometimes young people really need this kind of "help" from outside to

accomplish something they never think of or they never think they can do. It really helps. I recommend it to all the young people. -- Nan B, Student, Stanford University

I met Olina in the Dale Carnegie – Effective Communication and Human Relations class. I was impressed by her professionalism and friendliness when she introduced herself as a

coach. I approached her and requested her to be my coach. It was a right decision. She was not only professional, persistent, enthusiastic, most important, she has a good heart. Over

13 weeks, she helped me through all homework assignment, presentation practice and some work related issues. She is caring, patient, and knowledgeable. One time, I was frustrated

with work related issue, couldn’t concentrate on presentation practice. She listened, asked questions that help me sort through the issue, and led me out of the emotion swirl. Immediately,

she started help me practicing presentation for that evening class. Without her help, I couldn’t pull my mind back to the class. I can’t thank her enough. I strongly recommend Olina as a

professional life coach. Talk to her and find out by yourself. The sooner you reach her, the sooner she can start help you enrich your life.  --Echo L, CFO, Lin Engineering.

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